Democratizing Safety.
Accelerating Vehicle Intelligence.

Optimal’s goal is to achieve zero emissions, zero congestion, and zero accidents, and to do so in a category millions of Americans depend on for transportation every day. We’re already electrifying vehicles, now we’re making them smart.

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A legacy of innovation applied to an industry ready for change.

Since 1986, Optimal has been relentless in its pursuit of vehicle safety improvements. We now bring that experience and drive to the public transit sector where we’re already a disruptor with the industry’s first and only electric low-floor shuttle bus.

Our next wave of innovation is focused on developing ADAS and autonomous technologies – and applying that to the commercial vehicle market. Quietly making trucks and buses as safe as passenger vehicles remains our mission.


Global strategy enabling global change.


A technological bridge between two experienced innovators.

Located in Lukang, Taiwan, the Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) represents the most opportune partner for Optimal with its extensive knowledge base in connected and autonomous vehicle tech, as well as its prototype development capabilities, world class proving grounds and vehicle test labs.

ARTC commands extraordinary capabilities and offers Optimal the opportunity to utilize its years of research and development into vehicle safety and homologation. Together, we’re delivering rationally priced Level 2 and 3 ADAS, and making that accessible to the entire global commercial vehicle market.

Technology for the future of transit today.


We believe all mobility should be accessible, efficient and safe. We’re changing the game for a category that’s been left behind.

Of the 145,000 transit buses and 480,000 school buses operating in the United States, less than 1% are equipped with any ADAS technology. It’s almost guaranteed the vehicle you see travelling next to a bus has advanced safety features far removed from its larger counterpart. Optimal Intelligent Mobility is eliminating that gap.

In the US, 60,000 bus accidents occur each year, with the vast majority of those being preventable. We aim to significantly reduce these crashes and the injuries that result.

Object Avoidance and Stability Control

Autonomous Emergency Braking

Lane Following

Blind Spot Detection

There's more on the horizon!

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